Accessible, Fast, Scalable and Robust Web Applications for Business


Modern technology advancements such as cloud computing, smart phones & powerful cellular networks has meant that many softwares have been designed for, or ported to the web.

This is because it makes software extremely accessible in almost any location and on almost all devices. Web applications are an amazing way of providing internal or external services to your employees or customers and gathering valuable data which can help drive business decisions.

We leverage different sectors of our business to deliver a single unified web application which has had the influence, thought and discussion of a number of specialised professionals considered. From UI/UX designers, front-end and back-end developers, architecture engineers and digital marketers, we focus the expertise of our team to exceed the expectations of our clients and produce amazing results. The knowledge of our team ensures that we consider your project from all area’s and as part of the big picture, ensuring the best chance of success.

Microknot implements

Microknot implements a Microsoft .NET backend (driven by RESTful API’s), an Angular frontend & Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting as it’s primary web application stack – It’s loosely coupled, scalable, robust and highly customisable, resulting in market leading web application software and rock-solid development standards.


Microknot has a rich library ready-to-use software components

We’ve been developing and testing our own software for years which has allowed us to have a vast library of self-built software components, speeding up development, improving code quality and reducing total budget. Working with Microknot means your software is custom built using our library of smaller tested components, producing an overall better tested and better performing code-base in less time.

Let’s build a modern, robust and scalable web application together.

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