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Software Consultancy

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Software can be hard to navigate for businesses without an in-depth technical understanding. Software consultancy can solve this issue and provide opinions which are driven by experience and understanding, fostering optimal business decision making.

Software Consultancy
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Partnership Focused
Microservices & Cloud Native
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15+ Years
Technical Consulting

Microknot offers software consultancy services to organisations who are lacking technical expertise to decipher good and bad investments, both monetary and otherwise. We work closely with our clients to understand their goals before acting as a trusted advisor focused on the best possible outcomes for the organisation.

  • Software Systems Due Diligence
  • Business Use Case Evaluation
  • Technology Stack Evaluation
  • Process Automation
  • Data analysis & decision making
  • Recommendations for Software Implementation
  • Business Operations & Pain Point Optimisations
  • Written & Verbal Reporting

The Problem

Your business doesn’t have CTO or technical knowledge related to all things software and data; lacks the expertise to implement infrastructure and IT systems; does not leverage its existing software or properly utilise existing software in the market; doesn’t recognise the potential for software to improve business operations, streamlining and profitability; can’t draw informed conclusions from business data; is purchasing a software and required due diligence checks to build confidence in the product; wants to audit existing systems to understand potential problems which may arise in future.

The Solution

Engage an experienced software development agency for consultancy services. Hold workshops, do strategic planning & software due diligence exercises and plan potential solutions to business pain points using custom or pre-built software.

Benefits of Software Consultancy

When it comes to software, it can be hard to understand the range of potential benefits it can have on a business. From our experience, software can have a profound impact on every day business processes, greatly reducing mundane administrative tasks and driving productivity, as well as improving customer experience. Software consulting allows your organisation to be viewed from an external perspective so that recommendations can be made from an unbiased point of view – Something all businesses should consider on their mission.

  • Improved Efficiency, Productivity & Processes
  • Confidence in Software Purchases
  • Unbiased, expert opinions and recommendations

Our Approach

We approach software consultancy from a methodical stance, striving to provide valuable insights which result in actionable steps to improve overall business. We translate hard-to-understand technical information into simple terms which all stakeholders can consider.


We sit down with the business to discuss the consultancy project, what’s involved, our process & more. We establish an understanding of current systems, pain points and objectives to get a full view of the organisations requirements. At the end of any consulting, we discuss findings with our client to ensure they understand our reporting in detail.

Strategic Planning

Consulting is useless without a strategic plan which looks to put in place solutions to resolve our findings. We develop a strategic plan and then present it to our client, providing both technical and easy to understand description. We deliver our strategic plan in a document format after our presentation to be used and shared as required.

Software Due Diligence

Code can be impossible to understand without specialised knowledge and understanding – to us, it’s a story, you could think of us as a publishing company reading an author’s work and providing opinions. We review code and provide insights into its functionality, issues and shortfalls so that you can have confidence when making purchases or reviewing systems. We provide evidence to back up our claims.

Attending Meetings

We can attend critical business meetings with you or on your businesses behalf, taking note and providing our opinions thereafter.

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We work with a variety of businesses from all different industries, fostering
long term relationships and instilling trust and reliability.

Case Studies

We love showcasing the work we’ve done for businesses that trust and rely on us.
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  • Mobile Based QR Code Check-In
  • Web Based Admin Portal
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  • SMS Notifications
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