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Software Integrations

Connect Business Critical Software & Improve Data Integrity and Efficiency

Lack of software connectivity can lead to a loss of efficiency, data inaccuracy/loss and human error, as well as costly & mundane administrative work. Building software and infrastructure to maintain data consistency and data transfer between systems is crucial for business automation and productivity.

Software Integrations
Only In-House Team
Only In-House
Partnership Focused
Microservices & Cloud Native
& Cloud Native
Full Ownership
Technical Consulting

Microknot has an expert team focused on system integrations & connectivity, as well as data integrity & management – We leverage the skills of our software architecture and software development teams, synergized with our business analysts and consultants to deliver high ROI (“Return-on-Investment”) and client satisfaction.

  • Current System Evaluation
  • Business Use Case Evaluation
  • Business Analysts & Project Managers
  • Waterfall or AGILE Project Delivery
  • Quality Analysts & Software Testers
  • Post-Launch Support & Enhancement
  • Cloud Native Backend Service
  • Admin Dashboard

The Problem

Your business employs administrative staff which work primarily in data entry; has data inaccuracies, loss & poor infrastructure; has costly delays & bottlenecks resulting from data communication between systems; can’t expose internal systems data to 3rd parties; has bulky internal processes which are prone to error.

The Solution

Consider the connecting systems and integrate them either directly or through a custom developed middleware (an “Integration Hub”) using APIs; develop business use case specific software tailored to internal processes and reducing administrative tasks.

Benefits of Software Integrations

Reduce administrative tasks in your organisation while also improving data accuracy & improving processes. Exposing internal system data to external 3rd parties via public APIs which opens communication channels between different entities autonomously; Implement automation and build business assets.

  • Automatic Data Flow Between Systems
  • Cross Platform Data Management
  • Process Automation & Reduced Administration
  • Electronic Data Interchange
  • Reduced Data Inaccuracies & Loss
  • Integrate Internal Systems with 3rd Parties

Our Approach

Microknot strives in business process automation & system integrations, using our knowledge of technology to make real world improvements for modern, forefronting organisations. We approach integration projects from a business first perspective, fostering return on investment & shaping processes, both internal and external.


We’ll sit down with all stakeholders and discuss the current systems and pain points; Consider current processes, what can be improved and how system integrations will support operations; what impacts system integrations will have on the organisation and its staff & customers.

Workshopping, Backlog & Commencement

We initiate a collaborative workshop with our clients to engage in comprehensive discussions about the project. This includes an in-depth overview of our processes and a clear outline of what they can expect during the entire project lifecycle. Our commitment to keeping all stakeholders informed is paramount. After gaining an understanding of the project and current systems in full, we curate a backlog of tasks. This backlog serves as a foundation to support our AGILE or Waterfall development methodologies, ensuring a streamlined project.

Admin Portal

While we can develop just a cloud native backend service, we also develop front end user interfaces for our integration middleware when required – This facilitates any manual actions, dashboards and analytics / status updates.

Connection Methods, Data Mapping & Data Manipulation

As the project commences, we establish a connection with each system in a testing environment which allows us to do development without interfering with production systems. We consider data mapping requirements from one system to another and manipulate data so that each system can communicate with each other. We work with the client to confirm correct functionality in the testing environments and plan a launch date.

Enterprise Level Technology & Software Architecture
We utilise market leading software technologies to develop our custom solutions, backed by our Microsoft Certified Developers and the Azure Cloud. We follow a microservices architecture which improves reliability & maintainability while supporting scalability and robustness. Our loosely coupled architecture ensures future enhancements are easily implemented

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Software Support

Software Support
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Our Clients

We work with a variety of businesses from all different industries, fostering
long term relationships and instilling trust and reliability.

Case Studies

We love showcasing the work we’ve done for businesses that trust and rely on us.
Check out our case studies below.

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Health care insurance policy comparison portal, with commissions & admin management.

  • Broker Sign Up & Admin Approval Process
  • Commission Rates Assigned By An Admin
  • Commission Payout Requests
  • Buy Now, Pay Later Functionality
  • Credit System For Certain Policies
  • Api Calculation Of Policy Fee



A Custom Developed Legal Document/Case Upload And Terms Acceptance Platform

  • Online Probate Mangement Platform
  • Status Updates, Document Uploads
  • User Invitations, Hierarchy Based Permissions