Depict your software as modern, easy to use and visually appealing.


UI/UX stands for User Interface & User Experience and is one of the most vital considerations for front-end software developers, done incorrectly, software is almost certain to fail.

There’s a lot of things to consider when designing UI/UX, but none more important than simplicity. Simplicity, mixed with some simple, useful colours and branded elements ensures that your software can be used as intended and that you won’t leave users confused.

Microknot have a dedicated UI/UX team

Microknot have a dedicated UI/UX team with years of experience in designing modern, simple and highly useful software interfaces. We have a detailed design phase involved in our software projects which guarantees the exact visual outcomes expected by the client prior to development, ensuring the smoothest approach to final design outcomes. We use Adobe XD software to demonstrate our vision for the user interface and user experience and work closely with our clients to ensure great outcomes.


Microknot has a rich library ready-to-use software components

We’ve been developing and testing our own software for years which has allowed us to have a vast library of self-built software components, speeding up development, improving code quality and reducing total budget. Working with Microknot means your software is custom built using our library of smaller tested components, producing an overall better tested and better performing code-base in less time.

Let’s design the perfect user interface and user experience for your clients; working towards business objectives!

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