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Data Analytics

Collect, Organise & Make Sense of Your Business Data

Data can quickly become hard to govern when different systems enter the ecosystem of an organisation, it’s paramount that data be maintained properly to avoid complications and facilitate business intelligence management.

Data Analytics
Only In-House Team
Only In-House
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Microservices & Cloud Native
Data Visualisation
& Reporting
Full Ownership
Technical Consulting

Modern advancements in cloud data hosting and management have empowered modern businesses with invaluable data management services and processes which drive data driven business decisions. Data visualisation tools such as PowerBI have changed the way businesses and senior executives view and operate their businesses.

  • Business Use Case Evaluation
  • Cloud Databases & Data Warehousing
  • Business Analysts & Project Managers
  • Quality Analysts & Software Testers
  • Post-Launch Support & Enhancement

The Problem

Your have no clear view of your businesses key performance indicators; no centralised data storage; no cloud based data management with proper backups and security; multiple systems working independently and handling data in their own manner; data duplication, inconsistencies & loss; no data driven decision making process; no data visualisation dashboards from the executive level down.

The Solution

Replicate data from all systems into a centralised, cloud native data hosting environment (Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Warehouse) and develop integration middleware which keeps your Master Data in sync with these systems. Improve data governance standards & integrity and perform a data cleanse.

Benefits of Data Analytics & Data Management

Proper data management, hosting, security and analytics can be a game changer for competitive businesses, allowing them to leverage their own data to make informed decisions backed by evidence. Create data synchronisation across all platforms with master data management and cloud services, then use this data in visualisation dashboards.

  • Data Analytics & Data Visualisation Dashboards
  • Cloud Data Storage & Security
  • Master Data Sync (Centralised Data), Governance & Management
  • Business Intelligence Analytics
  • Executive Analytics Dashboards
  • Data Modelling
  • Near Real Time Reporting
  • Drill Down Reporting
  • Solve Business Problems with Data Driven Decision Making
  • Develop business assets

Our Approach

We approach data analytics from a methodical and practical perspective – Defining objectives, systems, infrastructure and reporting requirements before executing using modern technologies. We believe that business data should be used to its full potential and that data driven decision making can be a competitive advantage which drives business growth.

Evaluate Current Systems & Data

We’ll do an in depth review of your current systems and the data which is being stored from them, understanding the data structure and considering where duplication has occurred. We’ll establish a “Source of Truth” for certain data attributes and work from that source as a baseline.

Data Cleansing, Master Data & Governance

We’ll plan a data cleansing and mapping exercise whereby we map different data attributes to one another from contributing systems, ensuring data is structured and accurate. We develop a master data / centralised cloud database where all the data will be stored and maintained in future. We discuss governance plans and internal processes to maintain the integrity of the data moving forward.

Data Modelling & Forecasting

Using the new found master data set, we work closely with our clients to establish data modelling which helps forecast certain business metrics into the future and provides valuable insights to decision makers.

Data Visualisation

Leveraging master data, we develop PowerBI data visualisation dashboards which have capabilities to drill down on certain metrics. Reports vary in style & subject and provide on-the-go, real-time insights which support business growth and understanding. Popular amongst modern businesses, PowerBI reporting is a critical tool for businesses wanting to understand and make use of their data.

Modern Technologies

We utilise modern technologies for our data analytics development, backed by our Microsoft Certified developers and Azure cloud architects, resulting in future-proof outcomes which support organisations into the future. Developed following scalable design methodologies, our software scales with your business.

Dedicated Project Management Team

We have dedicated project managers who work closely alongside our clients to keep them informed throughout the project duration. Following either a Waterfall or AGILE management methodology, we focus on clear communication and client involvement.

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