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Legacy System Upgrade

Modern, Scalable & Robust Redevelopment of Legacy Systems

Many businesses rely on software which was developed a number of years ago before technology took a huge step towards web and cloud based software. Legacy systems, over time, can begin to act as a liability rather than an asset for organisations and at this stage, should be upgraded.

Legacy System Upgrade
Only In-House Team
Only In-House
Partnership Focused
Microservices & Cloud Native
& Cloud Native
Full Ownership
Technical Consulting

Microknot excels in business automation, system upgrades and process implementation, that’s why when reviewing legacy systems, we don’t just suggest an upgrade to modern technology, but also enhancements and features which will improve effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Legacy System Due Diligence
  • Business Use Case Evaluation
  • Cloud Native Development
  • Business Analysts & Project Managers
  • User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX) Designers
  • Cloud Architects & Release Engineers
  • Quality Analysts/Software Testers
  • AGILE Development
  • Post-Launch Support & Enhancement

The Problem

Your current business software is very old and was developed using outdated software technologies and development standards; doesn’t work on the latest operating systems & devices; is localized and not available off-site; requires lots of maintenance and is hard to work with or enhance; contains valuable business Intellectual Property (IP) which is not properly documented; doesn’t suit the evolving requirements of the organisation; has limitations regarding connectivity with other software platforms; has a poor user interface and user experience (UI/UX) design.

The Solution

Develop cloud-native, custom software which leverages modern, enterprise grade technologies and is more accessible for employees and customers. Follow a microservices style software architecture and leverage cloud services (PaaS) to reduce maintenance burden and improve scalability and cost effectiveness.

Benefits of Legacy System Upgrades

Improve the quality and usability of your legacy systems, drive innovation and efficiency in your organisation while reducing infrastructure costs. Remove locality & scalability restrictions while enabling cross system data transfer via an API focused architecture.

  • Expand and Document your IP
  • Remove reliance on old technologies and hardware
  • Solve new business problems
  • Remove old processes built around legacy system functionality
  • Remove locality restrictions & build for the future
  • Leverage cloud services, reduce infrastructure costs and improve scalability & robustness; On-demand infrastructure scaling.
  • Increase functionality, efficiency & drive innovation.
  • Develop business assets

Our Approach

Legacy systems are an important part of organisations, often processes are built around these systems and operations rely on existing functionality – It’s vital that legacy system upgrades be considered, planned and executed properly to ensure a smooth transition, little employee interruption and no loss of productivity.

Evaluate the current system

Understanding the current system, its functionality & what role it plays in the business, it’s technology stack, issues, design & hosting architecture. Consult with stakeholders and current developers and review any existing documentation.

Consider Impacts & Reasoning Behind Redevelopment

We discuss the reasoning behind the legacy system upgrade, what impacts it will have on the business, what we should prioritise in terms of new features and what we can exclude from the current system, timelines, budgets & other considerations.

Workshopping, Backlog & Commencement

Microknot organises a workshop with the client and discusses the project in full, our process and what to expect throughout the duration of the project, keeping all stakeholders informed. Once we have a good understanding of the current system and the objectives of the redevelopment, we plan a backlog of tasks to support our AGILE development methodology before commencing.

Modern Tools Following Future Proof Software Architecture

Our unwavering dedication to outstanding software pushes us to use the most cutting-edge technologies accessible today to deliver software that is robust, scalable, and future proof. We craft applications using enterprise level technologies and coding architecture standards, supported by the cloud infrastructure of Microsoft Azure. Adopting a microservices architecture, our code remains highly maintainable and loosely coupled. We incorporate regular maintenance and system health checks to guarantee the perpetual optimal performance of the software.

Effective Project Management and Client Engagement

Our approach to project management revolves around the AGILE methodology, ensuring the successful delivery of projects and continuous involvement & feedback of clients. Our journey commences by formulating a backlog of user stories and orchestrating sprint releases, actively inviting and integrating client insights throughout the process. The User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment provides clients with the opportunity to interact with the software while development is in progress, which empowers us to make incremental enhancements until the point of completion and launch. Our understanding and implementation of AGILE development fosters client contentment and guarantees that the final product aligns with their vision and requisites.

What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG)

Embracing the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) principle, we place importance on meticulously designing each screen before starting development. This empowers our clients to visualize their software and provide invaluable feedback. As the development process unfolds, clients delve into their User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment, interacting with the fully functional and operational user interface that mirrors the revised and approved designs. This proactive approach significantly reduces the need for development revisions, ensuring seamless progress and allowing continuous client awareness and engagement.

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