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Web App Development Sydney

Build a cloud-native web application accessible everywhere

Advancements in web technologies and cloud hosting have enabled development of feature rich online applications which are accessible from anywhere and on any device.

Only In-House Team
Only In-House
Partnership Focused
Microservices & Cloud Native
& Cloud Native
Full Ownership
Technical Consulting

Microknot harnesses the combined expertise of its team to provide cutting-edge web solutions that encompass every aspect of quality design, development, and support.

  • Cloud-native web application
  • Microservice API based architecture
  • Microsoft Certified .NET Developers
  • User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX) Designers
  • Business Analysts & Project Managers
  • Web Developers (Angular, CSS, HTML, JavaScript)
  • Service-as-a-Software (SaaS) Development
  • Cloud Architects & Release Engineers

The Problem

Your organisation is using a local legacy system which is only accessible on site and leverages on site infrastructure which has no scalability; you are using a desktop style application which must be installed on a device and has hardware requirements; your software must be re-released for every update and requires resource intensive management; The software cannot be accessed by customers or other external third parties.

The Solution

Develop a browser based web application which is accessible anywhere with an internet connection and on any device. Host the application in the cloud so that it’s scalable, robust and can support a growing number of users.

Benefits of Web Applications

Web apps are the future – They’re fast, secure, easy to access and to use and are backed by cloud hosting infrastructure such as Microsoft Azure. Our development methodologies incorporate microservices and re-usable components which means additional clients such as mobile apps can leverage existing APIs and incur lower development fees. Popular web applications you might already be using include: Outlook, Amazon, Xero, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Spotify, Facebook and many more.

  • Improve accessibility & reduce system dependency
  • Modern software architecture, pay for what you use and build for the future
  • Develop your own IP
  • Increase customer interaction
  • Automate business processes
  • Improve customer experience and satisfaction
  • Enhance productivity, efficiency & data integrity
  • Streamline employee & customer onboarding

Our Approach

We are a dedicated and accomplished team of individuals who are focused on the prosperity of your business by creating purposeful cloud based web applications in Sydney.

Empowering Your Business Through Understanding And Expertise

At our core, we are committed to your business’s success, firmly believing that software should be a powerful tool tailored to your specific needs. To ensure this, we adopt a meticulous approach that begins with in-depth consultation and workshopping. Only after thoroughly understanding your goals and what problems web software will solve, do we embark on crafting exceptional User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) designs and subsequently developing cutting-edge software.

A Holistic Service

Our expertise spans the entire spectrum of the software development life cycle, starting from the initial consultation and extending all the way to the moment of launch, post-live support & maintenance. We bring together the talents of our skilled team members to create a comprehensive and harmonious solution that turns both your vision and ours into reality. We view your project from a holistic perspective which evaluates all aspects of your project, including marketing, branding, user interface & user experience, software & cloud architecture, future prospects and more.

Excellence in Code, Architecture, and Cloud Infrastructure

With years of experience in software development, our drive for excellence pushes us to deliver exceptional outcomes and optimised solutions. Our custom software development revolves around the robust .NET framework, Angular and SQLServer, all seamlessly hosted on the reliable & enterprise grade Microsoft Azure cloud. To expedite development, minimize errors, and optimize your budget, we leverage our prebuilt microservices library, optimised over many years.

Collaborative Project Management and Client Engagement

Our AGILE project management methodology lies at the heart of our successful project deliveries – It enables active client involvement, minimizes surprises, and allows us to promptly incorporate valuable client feedback. The process revolves around establishing a backlog of user stories and planning sprint releases. You get to review the work in progress through a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment, allowing for iterative feedback until the project reaches completion and is ready for launch. We believe that to achieve desirable results, both ourselves and our clients must be committed to the success of the project and work cooperatively towards shared objectives.

What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG)

Envisioning your software before development is vital and we prioritize accurate designs & client approval prior to any coding whatsoever. By meticulously designing each screen in advance, we ensure our clients can visualize the final product and share their valuable insights, also giving them an opportunity to discuss with their stakeholders internally.. As development progresses, clients witness their User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment showcasing the fully functional and operational user interface which they approved. This proactive approach minimizes the need for rework and keeps our clients well-informed throughout the entire duration of their project.

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