Software as a Service is the future – Will you be a part of it?


Software as a Service involves the licensing of software on a scheduled payment basis and is managed by a central organisation.

Your business is more than likely already using SaaS products, such as Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, whereby you make a monthly payment to use software.

SaaS software is a powerful and emerging business model which has been adopted my lots of businesses. Take the example of Microsoft again, they changed their licensing model for the Office suite to a subscription model a few years ago.

SaaS products can offer digital services in almost any sector, such as for photographers or tutors and is a great avenue to building monthly recurring revenue (MRR). The beauty of SaaS products is that they can continue to be updated and improved as the user base increases.

Microknot develop SaaS platforms

Using our stack of choice and expertise, that being a Microsoft .NET backend and Angular front-end, cloud hosted in Azure for security and scalability and communicating via RESTful API’s. We discuss the features of your SaaS, competitors, functionalities and work towards a scope document for an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) before planning an AGILE approach to project management and deploying to UAT (User Acceptance Testing) for client approval on a scheduled basis.


Microknot has a rich library ready-to-use software components

We’ve been developing and testing our own software for years which has allowed us to have a vast library of self-built software components, speeding up development, improving code quality and reducing total budget. Working with Microknot means your software is custom built using our library of smaller tested components, producing an overall better tested and better performing code-base in less time.

Let’s discuss, plan and develop your SaaS product, it all starts with a free thirty minute consultation.

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