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Our approach to software development is simple yet effective.

Our process outlined below has been tried and tested, ensuring project outcomes are delivered on time and budget. We’ve worked with some large companies in Australia to deliver business shaping software, following the same process we’ll follow for your project.

Our Approach
Only In-House Team
Only In-House
Partnership Focused
Microservices & Cloud Native
& Cloud Native
Full Ownership
Technical Consulting

After years of working on various complex software systems, we’ve learnt to deliver them simply.



The process begins with us gathering a detailed understanding of your organisation which will help us see the full picture of the project and the objectives to be achieved – allowing us to suggest and implement the most suitable solution based on specific requirements. We ask questions and gather a brief which will be referenced during future steps to ensure no deviation from the initial vision.



Planning is a vital part of project scoping and deliverable agreement between both parties, we hold an in-depth planning workshop to finalise all functional specifications prior to any commencement of work. This ensures strict outcomes and client satisfaction. We confirm the project scope through user stories which are approved by the client before continuing.


User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX Design)

After methodical planning, we commence UI/UX designs which represent the front end of the software. We use Figma as our design tool and deliver designs via a URL which clients can review on their devices. Depending on the size of the project, we may take a staged approach to designing, whereby we design the software in logical chunks which move into development periodically. We pay special attention to brand guidelines to design a beautiful and integrated system.



Now that the project scope is finalised and we’ve got UI/UX designs approved, we begin development in either an AGILE (sprint-based delivery) or Waterfall (full project development then delivery) manner. We setup all the required infrastructure and request any information from you before iterating through the backlog of tasks until completion.



We pragmatically & thoroughly test all of our software to ensure the absolute best and most stable outcomes. We attempt to break our own software using our expert testing team, then we repair it and repeat. This process takes place at the end of each sprint and means that the software will be tested many times and for each specific functionality developed during the sprint – this creates a process of rigorous testing of small code components and contributes to an overall bullet-proof software.


User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

UAT (User Acceptance Testing) is an important step of client involvement and sign-off, allowing testing in a sandbox, pseudo-live environment which replicates the production software and allows for accurate testing. This step is vital as client testing confirms functional implementations and sprint sign off, confirming the commencement of the next sprint and ensuring system reliability and robustness.


Go Live

Throughout the entire development process, our clients remain informed and involved so that when the time comes to launch the software into production and public accessibility, there are no surprises and the software has previously been tested thoroughly. We then consider either the next phase in the project or ongoing support.


Post Live

We offer an optional (but highly suggested) hosting service with Microsoft Azure, the industry leader in hosting, if you’d rather not get involved with managing specialist server hardware yourself. Once launched, your software application or website will be uploaded to Microsoft Azure, where it will benefit from all the resilience and security measures you would expect from the Public Cloud.



We’ll provide comprehensive support for your new software in the form of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which is activated on launch of the system and includes:

  • Pay As You Go
  • Business Hours Support
  • 24/7 Support

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