We know good (and bad) code and what’s needed to improve its effectiveness and efficiency.


When it comes to code, every developer has their own methods to achieve an end result. This is why there are plenty of solutions which don’t follow best practices and therefore are more likely to fail, cost more and need replacing in future.

Without the expertise to understand what differentiates good and bad code, it’s hard for clients to know what quality they’re paying for – That’s where Microknot comes in to provide expert evaluation and valuable insight into the condition of existing code.

We audit all types of software, including Microsoft .NET, Angular, PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Typescript, API’s and more.

Through years of building, testing and deploying software, we’ve learnt what quality, robust and scalable software architecture looks like and can work on improving existing code so that it achieves market leading performance.

Microknot has a rich library ready-to-use software components

We’ve been developing and testing our own software for years which has allowed us to have a vast library of self-built software components, speeding up development, improving code quality and reducing total budget. Working with Microknot means your software is custom built using our library of smaller tested components, producing an overall better tested and better performing code-base in less time.

Let’s audit your existing code and uncover possible updates or enhancements to get the most out of it!

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