Now more than ever, shoppers are purchasing online.


eCommerce businesses have continued coming to market at an increasing rate over the past 10 years, considering the COVID-19 pandemic many traditional brick-and-mortar stores have been forced to consider their online selling avenues and shift to online sales.

There’s never been a better time to couple your physical storefront with an online eStore which can help diversify your customers and sell Australia (or even world) wide.

Microknot have an expert team of eCommerce developers who utilise their understanding of the online shopping market to help develop business strategies and improve sales potential. We work on large eCommerce stores that focus on great UI/UX, eCommerce fundamentals, scalability and integrations.

We integrate our eCommerce stores with other 3rd party service providers to create rock-solid online business processes which reduce admin work, save time/money and improve data analysis.

We Develop Using Leading eCommerce Systems

We work with popular CMS systems such as WooCommerce, Shopify and Azure. We’ve learned how to leverage the functionalities of these technologies to improve our clients business and deliver a return on investment.


Microknot has a rich library ready-to-use software components

We’ve been developing and testing our own software for years which has allowed us to have a vast library of self-built software components, speeding up development, improving code quality and reducing total budget. Working with Microknot means your software is custom built using our library of smaller tested components, producing an overall better tested and better performing code-base in less time.

Let’s get your business online and start selling more products to more people. Want to learn more or just have a chat?

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